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     The 1812 UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS is comprised of several cooperative living history organizations that portray and present the history of the men of the United States Marine Corps and the women and children who aided and accompanied them during the years 1810-1818 with a particular focus on their courageous service in the "Forgotten War," the War of 1812.

     The 1812 U.S. Marine Corps is made up local "Guards," "Detachments" and "Ships' Companies" in various locations in the United States and Canada.  These are independent and autonomous organizations that, when possible, coordinate and cooperate with each other in the true spirit of those Marines of over 200 years ago.  The main goals of all are the historical presentation of the USMC of 1812 and for enjoyment and camaraderie.
     Our units take part in educational presentations, parades, color guard activities, commemorative events, living history events and reenactments.  If you have an event that we could assist or attend, please contact us.
     There are currently 1812 U. S. Marine Corps or affiliated organizations with members in:
  • New England (Massachusetts and New Hampshire)
  • Michigan
  • Ontario, Can. (Hamilton-Toronto)
  • New York: Upstate and Western
  • Southern New Jersey/Southeast Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • Ohio/Western Pennsylvania
     In these areas, and many others, the 1812 U. S. Marines cooperate with other living history organizations that portray U. S. Navy, U. S. Army, local Militia and British Crown Forces.  All fine people dedicated to history and keeping it "alive."
     If you wish to find out more information on any of these units, to gain information to start your own impression, for  historical research or event participation please contact us at the "Contact or Enlist" page.  We will give any and all assistance we can.


1812USMC 1812 U.S. Marine Guard 1812 US Marines  1812 Marines
1812USMC 1812 U.S. Marine Guard 1812 US Marines  1812 Marines
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